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Dr. Chad Yeshayahu Foster is a pastor, rabbi, teacher, and director of Life-Community at St. Peter's church in Columbus, IN. Here on this site are some of the handouts, audio, and videos of his current classes, his sermons, and his devotionals.

You can also access many of Dr. Chad's teachings from his previous Messianic fellowship, Bet Immanuel.  There are over six years of Torah study, as well as a complete commentary on the Gospels from a Hebraic perspective - just click here!

Current Sunday Shul: Galatians

If you are looking for The Chronicles of the Apostles course, the completed course can be viewed online here.

Many Bible readers understand Galatians as the Apostle Paul's dissertation against the Law (Torah). Is that really the case? Paul was a prodigy educated in the most elite schools of Pharisaism. He wrote and thought from that Jewish background, rendering several key passages in his work incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with first-century Judaism and other rabbinic literature. This course will explore Paul's epistle to the Galatians from a Hebraic roots perspective, examining the historical context necessary to decipher the epistle. Be prepared for some conventional understandings to be challenged and to receive new insights into Paul.

You may find the Hebraic Toolbox a helpful reference for all of Dr. Chad's teachings.

Class meets Sundays at 9:30am in the SPL Cafeteria.  Audio and handouts will be posted here.

Galatians Week 1 Handout      Week 1 Audio    Video

Galatians Week 2 Handout      Week 2 Audio    Video

Galatians Week 3 Handout      Week 3 Audio    Video

Galatians Week 4 Handout      Week 4 Audio    Video

Galatians Week 5 Handout      Week 5 Audio    Video

Galatians Week 6 Handout       

Join the tour!  Check out the video below.  Brochure for the Chronicles of the Apostles tour of Greece, Turkey, and Italy click here

Sunday Shul meets at 9:30a in the cafeteria

Torah Alive! meets Wednesdays at 6:30p in the Sanctuary

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St. Peter's; 719 Fifth Street Columbus, IN 47201

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