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Dr. Chad Yeshayahu Foster is a pastor, rabbi, teacher, and director of Life-Community at St. Peter's church in Columbus, IN. Here on this site are some of the handouts, audio, and videos of his current classes, his sermons, and his devotionals.

You can also access many of Dr. Chad's teachings from his previous Messianic fellowship, Bet Immanuel.  There are over six years of Torah study, as well as a complete commentary on the Gospels from a Hebraic perspective - just click here!

Current Sunday Shul: The Book of Esther

If you are looking for the classes on Galatians the completed course can be viewed online here.

Patterns, they're everywhere. Sometimes though, unless someone points out the pattern, it can be passed by unnoticed. In this course on the Biblical book of Esther, we will lay out the pattern and then also see how it prophetically overlays and parallels historic past and current events, and of those yet to occur. Throughout the course, prophecies, codes, and mysteries overlooked will become easily visible. Words in the Hebrew text will be seen with new eyes, you will be opened to the variances of the letters, their unique placement on the page, and other peculiar features.

You may find the Hebraic Toolbox a helpful reference for all of Dr. Chad's teachings.

Handouts, audio, and video for the Book of Esther will be posted here.

Week 1 of Esther Handout     Audio of Week 1     Video

Week 2 of Esther Handout     Audio of Week 2     Video

Week 3 of Esther Handout     Audio of Week 3      Video

Week 4 of Esther Handout     Audio of Week 4      Video


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